Hedge Newest Position

  1. The Hedge Newest Position is an exposure protection feature that is provided by the Platform. For additional information, including to deactivate it please contact us here.
  2. Hedge Newest Position will be activated only after all First Protected Positions are used. and.
  3. Hedge Newest Position applies when the account equity falls below the used margin required for each open position and will continue to apply until all open positions are hedged.
  4. Hedge Newest Position will function within market hours and will not be triggered if (a) it is deactivated by a client (b) hedging the newest position will increase the exposure and/or (c) there is insufficient equity to cover the spread of the newly hedged position.
  5. Hedge Newest Position will be triggered as close as possible to the used margin, except in circumstances where the market moves too fast.
  6. Clients may continue using their trading accounts in parallel with the Hedge Newest Position and will be able to “top up” their margin if they wish to do so.
  7. Hedged positions may be transferred to the next trading date and thus is subject to applicable rollover and/or any other fees.

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