Get rewarded for trading experience.

Start earning xPoints

No matter what your starting point is on the Ontega platform, we aim to improve your skills and make you an even better trader.

A typical trading experience

Your success is generally measured by how big your account balance is. The good trading decisions you’ve made are represented in terms of money you’ve earned. All your failures are seen in the losses.

However, this takes a very linear approach to what trading is and a warped view of what being an online trader is like. Because here’s the deal: Trading online really is the fastest and easiest way to make money.

But your trading experience will have highs and lows and most likely look like this:

xPoints graph 1

And not like this, as you may imagine.

xPoints graph 2

There will be highs and lows, there will be wins and losses, regardless of whether you’ve been trading for 50 years or 5 minutes. The difference between average traders and successful, advanced traders really only comes down to one thing: experience.

Gain xPoints for experience

Therefore, Ontega has incorporated experience as a measure that we think is equally important for you to succeed.

You receive xPoints for various actions you take that increase your skills as a trader. xPoints are not consolations prizes. They are necessary to improve the knowledge and skills needed to progress.

To sweeten the deal, xPoints are worth money!

Examples of actions that will earn you xPoints:

  • Opening and closing positions
  • Taking our trading courses
  • Passing tests. You need to get at least 85% of the answers right to pass.
  • Using different trading tools

xPoints entitle you to trading bonuses, new trading levels and tools.

xPoints are rewarded regardless of your financial success.

As a beginner, you may close a few of your first trades with a loss. Financially, this will have a undesirable impact on your trading balance, but having opened and closed this trade you would have gained experience that is incredibly valuable. This is why you will get xPoints regardless of the outcome.

Daring to try new things is also a prerequisite for success. Fear of failing is what stops most traders from succeeding. xPoints are the antidote to fear. Be bold and try new strategies or new trading tools. You will get xPoints for doing so and will learn invaluable lessons along the way.

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